Pantsless Rihanna Performs On Stage

Is she wearing pants? No, she’s not!

This is Rihanna performing at The iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas on September 21, 2012.

What do you say they should start putting ‘not for audiences younger than 18’ on tickets for shows where artists will be dressed this way. Or is this the definition of ‘sexy’?


  1. mr writer you are jobless who told you she isnt wearin pants or do you have x ray eyes? i have read about the show and it was said she wore a skin colored undies pls if u dont have job or anytin to write stop tryin to look under a womans dress you goat by the way she is earnin her money while you are there trying to look under her dress. you can choose not to look bcos nobody is forcing you go and expose politicians stealing our money ok

  2. Lady stella, ur response is too harsh on d writer. u talk as if u walk abt nude. body coloured or not, dat was notn close to proper dresn

  3. world is lik moving train from primitiv age to modern era then chain movement from modern era back to primitiv age. U better open up ur eyes when the train is moving

  4. dont u all know that all those site like this puttin stupid misery and pathetic story are smiling to the bank as you are clickin ther sites. so they can go extra mile to put false story wer r captivated by ther crazy formulated headlines and they are richer by the day. SHINE YOUR EYES NIJA PEOPLE!!!!

  5. stella u re very stupid y re u abusing the writer……. @ rihannna u re very useless being a star or earning moni does not mean u sud stripe naked in the publics….. u sud be discipline pllsssss

  6. dis is all abt worldly activities…vegas is a state were such robsh could b found…it’s said dat u can live d life n end it only in vegas…she’s not rprsenting any good relig’s faith n so she chosed to do like vegasians. woe to such west-life…

  7. Can you c d height of moral decadence in our soceity. Somebody is realy suporting ds kindof dresin in a public place and sees natn wrng wt it. What hapnd to Christ coming soon.y r we ds blind to d endtime signs.hmmmm! I don talk o.

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