Stunt Gone Wrong: America’s Got Talent Star Breaks Bones, Soils Pants

Stunts are sweet to watch and fun to do, but the excruciating pains in stunts gone wrong… unbearable. Ask Zach.

“The Horse”, real name Zac Gordon known for his nut-smashing performances on “America’s Got Talent” became famous for abusing his testicles on TV, but was seriously injured in a stunt-gone-wrong suffering several broken bones and a soiled pair of underpants.

Gordon said he was filming a stunt last weekend with some of his “AGT” buddies in which he was supposed to jump from a two-story roof and land crotch-first on a wooden plank, but he ultimately landed on a bucket of cement that was being used to hold the wood in place.

Show’s over, Gordon. Sorry.