Photos: Cat Apprehended For Smuggling Contrabands Into Prison

Work-pics524In rather mysterious circumstances, a Cat which attempted to smuggle contraband goods for prisoners strapped to its body with tape , has been detained in the grounds of a Brazilian jail. The white Cat was apprehended as it crossed the main prison gate which holds some 263 prisoners.

The incident took place at a jail in Arapiraca city, 250km (155 miles) south-west of Recife in Alagoas state. Some of the confiscated items include drill bits, files, a mobile phone and charger, plus earphones The Cat was taken to a local animal centre.

A prison spokesperson was quoted by local paper Estado de S. Paulo as saying: “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action as the Cat doesn’t speak.”

The incident which took place on New Year, but the photo has only recently been released, has led prison officials to suggest the method is a new way to effect a means of escape or for communicating with criminals on the outside.

Some of the seized contrabands below…