SHAMELESS: How Enugu Governor Official Undressed Women, Slapped Ushers At Winners Chapel Church Service

The Nigerian Police officers  have exhibited the usual  shameless tendencies  by desecrating, disrupting and distracting worshippers during the church service of Sunday 17 of February,  at the State Headquarters of Winners Chapel

Enugu ,arresting a deacon and an official with the Crowd Control Unit (CCU) in the process. The drama started after the first service when a member of the CCU was defied by a worshipper when instructed to stop for other vehicles from the other lane to pass. The errant worshipper ,  (the Chief Detail to the Governor of Enugu State) refused to follow the order of the Traffic Controllers and in the process his vehicle hit and run over the leg of another worshipper.

In the ensuing melee and confusion the Chief Detail held the tie and pushed around the Usher who retaliated by roughly shoving the man. The wife of the chief detail came to the rescue of the husband by giving the Usher two hot slaps and another lady CCU member slapped back the wife of the government official and a brief fight ensued at the car park leading to tearing of dresses of both women.

The aggrieved Government Official called for reinforcement from a group of mobile policemen who came to the church to arrest the leaders of the CCU but met with resistance from church members. They called for a second and third heavily armed reinforcement that came with two Hilux vans from Government House , Enugu and after much argument, whisked off a Deacon named Kanayo and a CCU usher named Louis.

All efforts by the resident pastor and other pastors, elders and deacons to plead with the top government official failed. The duo were arrested and taken to Ogui Police Station around  1pm and were there till 9pm. This melee caused confusion , distracted the second service as worshipers abandoned the church service to witness hollywood movie. Traffic was held up for over two hours while angry worshippers expressed disappointment at the Police partiality in the matter.

The entreaties of people including the State Director of State Security Services and an Assistant Commissioner of Police to release the church officials failed as the government top shot insisted on teaching the church rats the lessons of their lives.

The Resident Overseer, Pastor David Bamigboye sent his assistants including Pastor Kunle Olarewaju, Pastor Kingsley Ikobi,  Pastor Obiora Madu . The Chairman of Deacon’s Assembly , Deacon Chibuzo Ogoma and Elder Igbinidion were among officials of Living Faith Church stranded at Ogui Police Station till night in efforts to release their Deacon and CCU official.

This action by the Nigerian Police Force attached to Government House Enugu is irresponsible. It is expected that the police should have used wisdom to ask the church to settle the matter as internal affairs. Without the Crowd Control Unit in the church, just as in other denominations, it would be difficult for worshippers to enter and exit the church premises especially in churches that have large crowd and more than one service on a Sunday, particularly with vehicular movements.

It is obvious that this Chief Detail cannot understand how this ‘rag-tag’ usher had the effrontery to confront and obstruct his exalted personality. This man whose infamous name is not worth mentioning, should know that his boss, Governor Sullivan Chime, just escaped from the hands of death and Governor Liyel Imoke in Calabar is still battling to escape from his travails.  Therefore, showing off might in the church is not good for posterity purposes.

Old Anambra State knows the story of Bishop Godfrey Okoye in 1975 versus  Senator Offia Nwali and Barrister JSP Nwokolo owner of Pascan Jake Hotels and how posterity smiled on them after conniving to collect church land in show of might with the Catholic Church. Governor Ohakim beat up a priest and in the process lost his governorship seat in Imo State.

The political enemies of Rev Fr Mbaka have become dustbins in Enugu State. Therefore, whosoever this man thinks he is, the church is not the place to display executive recklessness, whether Catholic, Anglican, Winners, Redeemed or otherwise. He should tender unreserved apology to the management of Living Faith Church for being used by the enemy to distract the Winners family in this season of double portion, next levels and prayer reach.

This man who claimed that he is a member of the church, was banging on the table of the resident pastor in utter show of disrespect for the ecclesiastical institution. Therefore, as Living Faith Church is gathering crowd unto it, they should be mindful of mixed multitudes whose arrogance, anger and faulty orientation could mar the operations of the spirit.

Therefore, lessons on pride and anger management should form part of the foundation class.



  1. Ben Cool got it right. Those guys are probably born again, pay tithe from ill gotten wealth and attend Siloh . How can a man who pays a tithe of one million naira every month not pack his car where he wants to, how can a man who single handedly bought the land the church is built not have respect? I am sure the church would not even have the courage to give that guy the back seat. We need a revival in Nigerian Christianity.

  2. Whoever knows this Chief Detail or whatever he’s called, should tell him with his Jezebellic wife that he is neck deep in trouble. He has molested God and God will definitely molest him. Let the frivolous Enugu govt official know that no one fights against God and goes scot-free. His downfall is imminent unless he apologises to the Living Faith and seriously begs God for forgiveness. Even with that, God will still prove to him and his household that He is God. I pity their children!

    • @SHAYE OR SHAYO,you are the one that needs a psychiatrist here if you don’t know.reason like a human.that your brain God gave you is not for fancy you stupid idiot.that two members of naked church fought and you are not ASHAMED of your church. That shows what you people go to church to do,just to make money and fight. better look for a good church is you don’t want to waste your time.

  3. Nigeria my country. This is season of slap in Nieria, guy don’t forget say one governor beat another gov. Obi Protocol officer later his aid beat a Police on govt gate out of conceious, Ondo comm. Slapped worker of min.of work and many more. Wht av they done???

  4. I want to believe that the Enugu state Government official and his wife who fought and disgraced the church members are aware of the grave implication of their acts?
    Displaying canality in the house of God shows gross disregard to God. Let that man and his entire family go before God and seek forgiveness thereafter, they should humbly go and apologise to the leadership of the church and those offended, if not they should remember that ”pride goes before a fall”.

    • Mathew you spoke like a reasonable guy but your comment lacks some fact here.simple put”two members of winners chapel fought,don’t attribute it to the Govt of Enugu,Ok!,because if you do, i will say you are just a kid.

  5. This is an act of utter disrespect to God. We should be very careful with our actions & words. Useless display of power & wealth “charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not hïghminded, nor trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy (1tim 6:17). For the love of money is the root of all evil…(1tim 6:10a).

  6. Yes, they have suceeded in digging their graves. This is their last time of enjoying power. Without doubt, evil shall continue to pursue them freely. Every where they have travelled to using vehicles shall they travel to on foot shamefully.

  7. Its not his fault. Though, he’ll not go unpunished. When preachers recognize men not based on their spiritual heights,that’s what you get. “The meat for the belly and the belly for the meat. God will destroy both it and them”

  8. I don’t blame the man so much but the zombies in human skin called police. Does that mean that if they asked a policeman in the name of his work to kill he will do that without hesitation. God have mercy on “Mr. Detail”The degree of societal insanity can be seen from the ACT of MR DETAIL. He should be charged
    for wrong driving and the church member he matched on his legs should as well be treated. He fought a constituted authority. He is not civilized. That daughter of jezebel ie the wife will surely destroy him.

  9. @all of you, no man has the ryt whatsoever to defile the house of God. Thats gross indicipline from both parties, 1 should learn to control his feelings and emotions so as not to be tagged a wrong name, christian calls for patience and longsuffering while believin that vengance is of the Lords.

  10. When the pastor is always preaching about prosperity instead of morality and repentance why won’t a member behave this way? If things are done properly in churches a member of a church can’t behave this way to his church and pastor. ‘Winners’ this is a lesson , seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing will follow.

  11. If only all churches/religious houses can do like Living Faith,our nation will be better. The Law of the church do not regard d rich. If it is in most religious places,the man will be hailed for his disobeying traffic rules. It take good sense & discipline for the poor CCU member to confront d so call govt official. No big man when it comes to obeying rules. No front roll reservation etc The major gain I see in LFC is d word. Also, a religious place is d combination of d good,bad & the ugly. They are not all angels in d church.