Soldiers Arrest Impostor Who Specializes In Helping Bus Drivers Beat Police Check Points

BrutalityTwo soldiers on Friday at the Orile Bus Stop on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway in Lagos State apprehended one Mr Assassu Ubong who paraded himself as a soldier.

The soldiers, who refused to identify themselves, arrested Ubong, 27, inside a commuter bus plying CMS-Mile 2 route. The soldiers dragged Ubong down from the bus when it stopped at the bus stop.

Ubong was wearing an army fez cap and plain clothes.

When the soldiers wanted to know his identity, he told them that he was a soldier and showed an army identity card, which the soldiers discovered to be fake. Probing further, they soldiers discovered that Ubong had a tattoo of military symbol on one of his hands.

Ubong later said that he was an ex-soldier. He said that he was dismissed from the army in 2010.

Asked why he took to impersonation, Ubong said, “after my dismissal, life was unbearable for me.

“I then decided to procure a fake military identity card. In the morning, I will join a particular vehicle from Mile 2 to Lagos Island and wear my army cap.

“When the police see me, they will not collect money from the driver. At the end of the day, the driver will settle me.” (NAN)