The End Of Terrorism In Nigeria Has Come – Defence Headquarters

novsitDirector of Defence Information, Brig. Gen. Chris Olukolade, has dismissed fears being expressed over the renewed terrorist attacks in the Northern part of the country and the purported incursion of Boko Haram into the South-West, insisting that the insurgents are fighting their last battle, as their defeat is imminent.

Brigadier-General Olukolade who gave the assurance in Abuja said: “What we are witnessing of recent from Boko Haram insurgents, I personally see as mere desperation. It is generally said that the battle is hottest when it is about to end. It is, therefore, obvious that this is the last fight by Boko Haram. From the way they have been working and the expectation from the headquarters, the fight against terrorism is coming to an end. Whatever is happening, the end of terrorism in Nigeria  has come.

“Since its establishment, the JTF has identified and destroyed many IED factories, recovered large quantities of arms, ammunitions and IED materials, arrested most of their leaders and followers. They have also been able to identify and repatriate illegal immigrants from Niger, Chad, and Mali, among others.

“The efforts of the JTF have, to a large extent, made Maiduguri and its environs uncomfortable for Boko Haram. Some of the citizens who left Maiduguri at the heat of the Boko Haram insurgency are now gradually returning. In the past few weeks, there was the destruction of Boko Haram identified camps at Sambisa and Demboa games reserves.”



  1. Usual boasts without action… Ask him their strategies, the same foolish unreliable rigmaroles. Several innocent souls are being lost on daily basis, yet he is talking bullshit of “l.ast fightt”. Rubbish !!!

  2. Security battles are not fought at the media stand. Niaja Security wake up. The world wants to see your impact in addressing security issues and not giving us a lay man analysis that hold no water. Former CAS told us BH will soon lost ideals as there will be no body to carryout sucide bombing and yet regular bombings are still taking place till today. Shameless people.

  3. Dude,Arewa is being attacked n it’s people are being killed everyday,the peacefull co-oxistense between the muslims n chritians is shatered,our economy,safety,trust, going down the drain on adaily bases,yet some fat belly,good at nothing but corruption Pigs are sitting over there in calm safe place Blabing Rubbish,given fals hopes to the helpless.Nigger please do something like a real Soldi€r.