‘Valet Tried to Rip Me Off’ – Chris Brown Explains His Parking Lot Hot Words


Chris Brown says the reason he lost his temper and threatened a valet last night was because the guy tried to fleece him.

A source connected to Chris tells TMZ the valet outside PINZ bowling alley in Studio City, CA where Chris was attending a charity event was supposed to charge $5 a pop, but when Chris tried to pick his car up, the valet tried to scam him by charging $10.The source says other people who parked at PINZ last night were charged $5. 

Chris believes he was singled out because he’s famous, and that was what got him angry. Chris says it’s not about the money … it’s the principle of the thing.

But someone should ask Brown why he needed to shout at the valet that much. What in the world does Breezy need $5 for? [TMZ]