We Are What We Are Today Because Nigerians Supported Us – P Square Tells Malawi Fans


Pop duo group P Square performed in Malawi last night, and were shown love respect like as if they were a group from outside Africa.

The country’s president, Joyce Banda had on Friday shown her support for the Nigerian artists by receiving them and taking posing for photos with them.

psquare with malawi president

Like it usually happens, local artists open for the foreign artists billed to perform. But the Malawians wouldn’t allow that happen; they refused to allow their local artistes open for P Square.

When P square heard this, they told the Malawian fans that they became the P Square loved by all now because “Nigerians supported us”.

The show was great. The Malawians had fun, and they want P Square to be back in Malawi as soon as possible, reports say.