World Health Day: Minister Cautions Nigerians On Excessive Salt, Alcohol Intake

pateThe Minister of State for Health, Dr Muhammad Pate, on Sunday cautioned on excessive consumption of salt and alcohol as the world marks the Health Day.

Pate, who disclosed this in Abuja said that such high consumption could trigger high blood pressure.

The World Health Day is marked on April 7 of every year, and this year’s theme is “High Blood Pressure”. It is estimated that high blood pressure affects more than one in three adults aged 25 and over, or about one billion people.

Pate noted that the rise in non-communicable diseases was posing huge challenge to health systems globally, including Nigeria.

“Non-communicable diseases are increasing because of lifestyle changes and demographics. I advise our people to pay attention to critical factors like smoking, high salt intake, high cholesterol, excessive alcohol and the lack of exercise.

“We should particularly watch our salt intake because it jeopardises the control of blood pressure. Nigerian adults should go for health screenings and when diagnosed with high blood pressure, they should be compliant with their prescribed medications.”

The minister noted that complications such as heart and kidney diseases, stroke and others, could be prevented with effective control of blood pressure.