JTF Bars Hawkers, Beggars From Checkpoints In Yobe

MilitaryThe Joint Task Force on Internal Security (JTF) in Yobe State has banned hawking and begging around security checkpoints in the state, a statement said in Damaturu yesterday.

The statement, signed by JTF spokesman Lt. Eli Lazarus also advised hawkers to use “designated markets and other approved places for trading activities” warning that “Henceforth, anybody found hawking around security checkpoints will be arrested and prosecuted,”.

It further warned beggars against squatting around checkpoints to beg for alms from motorists lined up for stop and search operations.

It is not uncommon to see Hawkers and beggars in Damaturu and other major towns in the state besieging security checkpoints to conduct brisk business and beg respectively.

Meanwhile, Yobe government on Monday reviewed the curfew period (8pm-7am) in the state to 6pm-6am after the Federal Government declared emergency rule in the state alongside two other States.



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