I’ll Visit Whoever I Like, Whenever I Want, Gen. Onoja Fires Back At ACF Over Jonathan Visit

ACFThe cracks within the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) widened yesterday as a former Military Administrator of Plateau State and one of its prominent members, General Lawrence Onoja (rtd), said they have no right to tell him who or where to visit.

Onoja, who was reacting to the ACF’s condemnation of the visit of the Congress for Equality and Change (CEC) to President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa last week Wednesday, of which he was in the delegation, said the group cannot decide for him where to visit and who to support.

According to him, he has no regrets visiting the President just as he queried some ACF members whom he alleged often visit the villa with their wives and asked: “If they do not support the president what are they always doing in the villa with their wives?”

Onoja dismissed statements credited to the chairman of ACF, Alhaji Aliko Mohammed who said his (Onoja) visit along with others to the Villa where they reportedly urged the president to run in 2015, was nothing but selfish.

“My relationship with Arewa Consultative Forum is not a Master-Servant, so nobody has the right to tell me where to go or who to support. President Goodluck Jonathan is our elected president so it is my right as an individual to visit him or any group in the country, and there nothing any one can do about it” said Gen. Onoja .

In a veiled support for Mr. Jonathan’s second term ambition, Onoja noted: “President Jonathan is a Nigerian and a minority like me, he has every right like any Nigerian to seek a second term in office, as enshrined in the constitution.”

Onoja, who is a card carrying member of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) warned ACF not to cause drive a wedge between him and the president adding, “If they are fighting for a northern president, they should go ahead and fight for it, but should not use me as guinea pig.”


  1. Gen Onoja I commend your bravery & courage to attack those so called Buhari & Tinubu’s messengers,please stand where you are,they don’t like us middle belters,they call us infidels when they gather,they can’t deceive us again,we must stand & support Jonathan for 2nd tenure.

  2. Cleden u ar jst a big fool and naïve.wat Buhari n Tinubu got 2 do wit wat btwn Onoja n ACF.dats their biz n till will always tell.we knw people like u Cleden in diz country who alwys wan 2 cause problm in diz country n blackmailin d middle belt regoin.be careful n kip ur mouth shout.