See Scary Yam In Human Shape



A Yam in Form of human shape, Whats your Say on this??

Note:- This is not a Photoshopped picture or any form of editing whatsoever.

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  1. So u do edith photos. May God have mercy on you all doing all sorts of photo edithing to blackmail innocent people. So what is said concerni d son of GS of Deeper Life Bible Church about the lady he married is true. You guys shud better go on ur knees $ ask God to 4give b4 it is too late

  2. this is a sign from Allah. a sign that something unique most power is controlling the universe, called Allah. Allah sees all unsee n know all hidden. the result is that Allah alone as the right to be worship n praise.

  3. Wonders shall never ends. In igbo land this is abomination (ARU) the world is turning into something else. Is this a sing of end time?only God knows.

  4. someone would hardly believe that yam is a real yam, yam having two legs,nose eyes and head i can’t believe that.

  5. First of all, tell us where the yam was discovered, since you said it was not photoshopped. Untill you tell us that, i won’t comment.

  6. Yam in a human shape? God works n Devil works as well, dat yam sud b taken 2 a real man of God 4 a spiritual sanity.


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