Rivers Crisis Has Made Nigeria A Laughing Stock, Says Oritsejafor

River-House-sagaNational President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor on Sunday described the crisis in the Rivers State House of Assembly as shameful and uncivilised.

He said the fracas in the House of Assembly negated the principle of democracy, saying politicians must play the game to promote democratic values in the country.

Oritsejafor made this known on Sunday in an interview with journalists in Kaduna.

The Senior Pastor and founder of Word of Life Bible Church in Warri, Delta State, noted that the political crisis in Rivers had made Nigeria a laughing stock in  the comity of world; insisting that such an attitude could not promote deomcracy.

He then appealed to the warring parties in the crisis in to sheathe their sword to allow for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

Oritsejafor expressed dismay that those involved in the crisis were Christians adding that it was not in the character of a good Christian to behave in such manner

“I feel terrible about happenings in Rivers State. I feel terrible for many reasons. I feel terrible because it is making Nigeria a laughing stock to the world” he stated.

“I feel terrible because it is happening in the part of the country where I come from. I feel terrible because many of the actors are supposed to be Christians.

“I feel sad, because those involved in these things ought not to get themselves involved in these kinds of things at all”, the CAN president stressed.


  1. Please he has said nothing new. What we expect from him is to speak the truth which is that 5 can never be greater than 27 nor 16 than 19. No matter the miraculous name they want to call it. The truth must always stand out. So let his yea be yea and his Nay be nay. Its not for him to be vague and ambigious with his statements or who is he afraid of? Or is it what does he stand to lose if he speaks the glaring truth?