Pastor’s Daughter Who Embraced Islam To Remain With Etsu Nupe Till Sep. 17

Charity 'Aisha' Uzoechina
Charity ‘Aisha’ Uzoechina

Daughter of a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God who allegedly converted to Islam, Charity Uzoechina, will remain at the palace of Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar until September 17, after she moved there four months ago following her conversion.

Her father Pastor Raymond Uzoechina had filed a suit before a High Court in Bida, seeking to stop the Sharia court from listening to his daughter’s case. The Etsu Nupe had been granted custody of Charity after she allegedly asked for protection from her pastor father who she said would kill her if he saw her converted to Islam.

The hearing could not hold on August 1 because of the ongoing conference of lawyers holding in Minna, which made the courts go on their annual vacation from August 5, to resume on September 15.

The Sharia court, which was to give its ruling on the prayer of Charity (Aisha) last Wednesday, August 1 in Bida could not also sit.

No date has been fixed for the ruling.

Charity who has adopted Aisha as her Muslim name, cannot be released by the Emir to either the parents or anybody until the case instituted by Charity is vacated by the Sharia court in Bida, Niger State.

The case of the girl was almost degenerating into a religious crisis as the girl’s father alleged that her daughter had been hypnotized, and demanded for her immediate release. But the Niger State Government waded into the crisis, and all parties involved seem to have made peace.



  2. Wot an awful disguisting manner d christain av 2 put dem selves wen its com 2 d isuue of religion but u guys had earlier on said we worship d same God but now since d truth is now clearing it self 4rm d false u den hav d gutt 2 dismanner in talking abt ISLAAM

    • @ Omotayo, that means thousands of muslims that coverted to christianity too were hypnotised too, stupid argument from dirty mouth. I hate people that are not objective. So, muslims are second class citizens abi? Only GOD can guide you and not your misguided self.

  3. Nobody ll blame her for converting to Muslim if she does it in good faith, buh not by withdrawing from school without ur parent knowledge, not by seeking refuge at emir palace witout returning home to tell ur parent about your new believe, not by calling ur father a killer and denying your mother right to see you, all in the name of ur new religion. If you nnow see your parent as ur enemy cos of ur new believe, then you on the wrong path, nnot cos of turning to a Muslim buh becos of the way you took it. To the parent, these is more than physical issue, they got to pray a lot onto dis issue and believe God will touch Her @ like the prodigal son. Is not just an ordinary eye.

    • @Goriola, what is not an ordinary eye about it. Is she the only christian in bida? if not, why is it that she is the only christian hypnotized according to you and your apologist followers? She has made her decision and life threatening statement is enough for her to abscond her family until things cool than. I believe you don’t know how it feels for a pastor’s daughter to leave her father’s religion (a pastor of a popular church for that matter?) and take on another strange religion according to her family. Be objective, what is right for you is right for me and what is wrong for you is wrong for me, No second class citizen in Nigeria.

  4. wat did dose christan call dere self, better think of ur self 2 b4 is 2 lat. she is nt a small gal, she most no wat she see, or ear, n blive on, islam is d better way. peace n unit… ashia may god 4gv u ur sin and grand u alajana 2 fidas, n all my follow musliam.

  5. First congratulations to Aisha. You’ll have no regret in your life. Then the father of Aisha, it is a pity that you want yourself the family and my dear Aisle to live their entire life following a course you know well is not true, but for the worldly gains only. The Almighty Creator have His ways of saving His chosen servants of which my lovely AISHA is one of. I honestly pray for many more of this including the entire family member of Aisha and also wish that Allah Almighty send a devoted and pious Muslim as a Husband. Amin

  6. There is one thing u all dnt know we all r worshipping d same GOD. dis things u r all saying is wrong if she said islam is her choice let her be. afterall we have some similar cases lik dis 4rm muslim girls 2 maybe dats where she finds her happiness we must not argue dis please my christian nd muslim brothers God is one nd only one we cannot fight 4 him he can only fight 4 us.

    • @ Evaristus, may GOD bless you and your family. we are divided on 2 fronts in this country. 1., Religion bigotry and 2., Tribalism. We need to get over these as to forge ahead. Our leaders are using these to take us for a ride but yet we refuse to wake up and give ourselves some lives that worth living. My mummy was telling how nigeria was in the 50’s. I wonder, how this can not possible now.

  7. God of Jesus christ (pbuh)is the same God of Muhammed (pbuh) and He is the One and Only Allah( Almigthy God) we all worship………let’s see how it goes my dear BRETHREN,,,,,,,the funniest of All is WE three religion are from the same Source (from Abraham) (pbuh) tru his sons, which are Ishmeal and Ishaq, so what’s the point of figthing one and others which we definitely know that we are of the same father but different mother…….So why the EGO figth? We need to reason if truly we are worshiping God and not Money……..and to my dear christians,, we muslims don’t hate u but u need to ask d govt to fetch out who ur enemies are out 4 u, and who knows if they migth be ur people basically bcos of worldly gain…

    Come to think of it that if Islam is not the Religion of d Almigthy God,it wld have fallen since with all the lies some hypocrite are false figthing and lieing with its name (boko haram,Alkaida etc) but check it, it rises everyday with people converting to it after reading the English translation of the Quran which they testify to it that it is d Word of The Almigthy God and no other person…….Surely God is One and I bliv He is watching and he still give others chance now and I bliv muslims time wil come soon too to rule the world

  8. @Gorola, u said she is been hypnotised or not an ordinary Eye (Yoruba people with Dudu sha( we don’t even bliv in all this miracle u people do cos its not in line with my Religion, and if by Tomorrow she says she wants her religion bak good for u people but trust me she has seen what she needed and it is islam, so I am very sure God needs her for a purpose and don’t be heartbreaking boy search 4 d truth urself and stop listening and blivin what the media has to tell u cos they are the weapons used by ur so called missionaries to paint islam black ‘cos of the money they are making frm u. And why wld that happen to her? Is she the richest woman on earth where her money is been needed to fund Islam and feed them all?, pls u need to get fact b4 u come on here to type all these type of mess u get ur christians brothers and sistters into, I challenge U go and read the english translated Quran urself and check the difference amongst the sacred books arround u and stop sayin things 4 d sake of saying and am very sure u hv cousins as muslims also that u go there to eat salah with them.

    @dandi, if she knws dem on what level,,,,,,u v a muslim frnd,cousin, bf and gf and so on like dat and what hv they done to u… stop wanging ur mouth all arround with fake news u are been fed by those God 4saken stupid media we hv in dis world but soon Islam will conquer ALL ODDS and God’s Will will prevail and as u christians do pray 4 God’s Law without not knowing soon it will come to ligth for the whole world to see and abide by it.. ( Thy WILL be done on earth as it is in Heaven) the prayer from jesus christ for his disciples then,,,,relax and soon,God’s will, will be done soon…..Go and read ur holy book well and stop coming here to type without not knowing ur religion well…….byé

  9. Charity is not the first Christian to have converted to Muslim and would never be. Everyone is interested in hers coz of the question marks; ill-treatment to family members, abandoning school, staying at Emir’s palace instead of mosque… at which ‘it looks as if she’s being abducted and manipulated’. Lets think rationally. Would you smile to loose ur own daughter completely as a result of her new faith? Can u abandon ur family and tag them killers if u were born christian and converted to muslim? @abiola, u r not ashamed to abuse the Jews that gave birth to u! Don’t u dare fascinate Jews that have done the the most remarkable things on earth as people on the wrong path! No path would be wrong if just and well practiced. Nice day all

  10. The girl has taken one of the worst decisions man can take. Islam is never the way that leads to heaven rather, it leads to hell. I just pray that she is delivered from this destructive decision of hers. Christian n muslim never serve one God. Jehovah of the Christian is different frm the allah of the moslems.