“I’m Proud Of My Curves” – Mama Ajasco

Among the sitcoms making waves in the country, Papa Ajasco and Company ranks high. And one of the lead characters that makes people laugh whenever the show is on television is Moji Oyetayo also known as Mama Ajasco.
In this interview with the plus size comedian, she talks about her career, personality, and séx.
See excerpts from the interview:
You’ve been quite busy these days. How have you been coping?
The Lord has been faithful. I have been getting loads of jobs these days. Slow and steady they say wins the race but I am getting it fast, fast and I am certainly winning the race. I have been getting feedback from producers and marketers. I have done lots of soaps and movies and I have broken the jinx because I was involved in a Yoruba epic. When I got to the location, I told them to please manage my Yoruba language but when I heard ‘action’, I did not believe what I was speaking. I really did so well and from that particular location I got three other scripts. So, I am grateful to God for his faithfulness.
How do you juggle all these jobs with your conventional role as Mama Ajasco?
Luckily for me, my being Mama Ajasco has not affected anything because at Wale Adenuga Productions, we do bulk shooting at the first season and second seasons. So, I have the time to move from one location to the other or do whatever I want to do.
What about roles that will reveal the séxy part of you?
I am a professional to the core. I am an African and I know that you are not expected to go nudé or have séx in the movies and all of that. I understand my limitations as an African woman but I also respect my professionalism, which means if I get a script that says I should go out of my clothes, I will take it and act it professionally. I shot a job in Calabar in January. It was a horror movie but my part was the séx relief part. It was a situation where the governor’s daughter was kidnapped and there was catastrophe in the land. My own part was being the governor’s girl friend, and the governor felt in the heat of the problem that he needed to relax and they brought this voluminous, gorgeous girl which was me, so I had to start massaging him. I had to striptease, which means I had to take away a little bit of my clothes, up to my lingeries and I did this flawlessly. I do not intend to go nudé because I am an African woman and I am proud of my curves. I have dignity which means we should always learn to cover our body, so, I wouldn’t go nude on TV but I can act anything. You can actually be seen and not be seen. It’s a mental picture.
Have you been carried away in the course of acting a romántic role?
It has never happened to me but I think it happens when you are physically attracted to that person. If you are physically attracted to someone and you find yourself in a role like that, it can happen. But it has not happened to me.
Could it be as a result of having numerous admirers that you are having problems choosing who to settle down with?
Must we always talk about marriage? I beg leave me. God will certainly perfect all that concerns Moji Oyetayo. I am not in any hurry. Remember I have been married before and divorced and I don’t think I have any reason to rush into another one. Instead, let me take my time to enjoy the privilege of being single. Don’t you want me to be going on free lunch dates? I beg…husband will come, better one go come o, better one go come sef.
What are the plus and minus of being Mama Ajasco?
The plus is that I get to many places and people recognize me and of course, it places you on a higher pedestal. Producers deal with me with respect because they believe I have a name and I’m good. It’s been good for me because it makes it easy for me to penetrate the industry. So, it opens doors for me and makes me relate with people without restriction. Does it have a minus? The only minus there is that people see me and expect to see an elderly person. That’s all.
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