Anenih Advocates Castration For Defilers

JOSEPHINE ANENIHFormer Minister of Women Affairs, Mrs Josephine Anenih, has suggested the castration of rapists to serve as a deterrent to people with such tendencies.

Anenih told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in an interview in Abuja on Thursday that rapists should not only be given life sentence but be castrated, considering the gravity of the offence.

“The sanction for rape is too mild for the gravity of the offence. We are working on that to see whether we can amend the law on sanction for the crime.

“I will suggest something even more than life imprisonment. I will suggest castration.

“It is not difficult to prove rape as most people believe; the problem with tackling rape cases is that people are not diligent enough”, she said.

She called on women to break the culture of silence, report and follow up such cases to a logical conclusion.

“Some people are saying proving rape is difficult. No, proving rape is not difficult, it’s just that we are not diligent in proving it.

“We must break that silence. We must shout, we must report and we must follow up on the report.

“When you report and the Police tell you it is a family issue, you should say no and insist on taking the matter up in the court of law”, she said. (NAN)


    It is not all cases of rape that are genuine, some people fake it to implicate those they hate or to blackmail their victims. Unfortunately, many people are gullible, so act on instinct and sentiment and emotion. Trust women are very good in these.
    It takes God’s wisdom to give sincere justice in rape cases. Some women lure men in so many ways into it and later come up with blackmail.
    I am not exonerating men from rape. What I am saying is that thorough investigation should always be conducted before concluding allegation on rape.
    Women seems to think they are the only one who are victims of rape. Many young boys and men have been and still victims.
    Castration is too outrageous as punishment for rape. Punishment should serve as a corrective measure, not direct or indirect termination of life of culprits.
    What we need is adequate sex and moral education for both male and female, right from childhood. Adult also need it. Our socioeconomic structure also need to be adjusted to ease off socioeconomic barriers that influence promiscuity and hinders marriage contracts. We have to examine the causes before making a profile for it. It is then solution can be provided. Failure to do this will be likened to treating symptoms rather than cure.