Luxury Car Dealer Unveils $27,000 Aston Martin for Kids of 10 Years and Over


Aww, this has got to be the most adorable car in the world. The Aston Martin DB Junior is a fully functioning classic petrol-engine sports car for children aged 10 and over. Its design is inspired by 007’s legendary Aston Martin DB5 of the 1960s. No machine guns or ejector seats included, though.

So if you fancy seeing your little boy or girl drive a mini-size Bondmobile, all you need to do is bust US $27,000 on it. Guaranteed, it’ll burn a rather large hole in your pocket, but the expression on your kid’s face – priceless!

Now for the specs: the DB Junior is a convertible, measuring 8 foot 2 inches long, 3 foot 4 inches wide, and 2 foot 5 inches high. It comes with composite coachwork, leather or vinyl seats, a wood-rimmed steering wheel and hydraulic Brembo disc brakes. A key-operated electric starter ignites the 110 cc four-stroke petrol engine linked to a semi-automatic 3-speed gearbox. The top speed is 46 mph – this can be restricted downwards.

But the mini supercar isn’t just for kids, it can accommodate anyone aged from 10 to 80 plus. The fully adjustable pedal box allows room for drivers up to 6 foot tall. “You’d be surprised at how well the DB Junior is engineered, and how much room there is in the cockpit,” said Nicholas Mee, managing director of a London-based Aston Martin Heritage dealership.

“It’s big enough for an adult and the pedals can be adjusted so that the DB Junior will fit a wide range of drivers. Let’s say junior drivers of all ages.” Drivers will also have full use of indicators and lights.

“When we first saw the DB Junior, we couldn’t stop smiling,” Mee said. “We then realized that these scaled-down 1960s convertibles would complement full-sized offerings here in our showrooms. What’s more, we regularly have enquiries from our clients looking for something unusual and different to add to their collection of classics.”

The DB Junior is named after former Aston Martin boss, David Brown. The car is exclusively available at Nicholas Mee & Co, and can be purchased directly from stock or specially commissioned for bespoke treatment. According to a spokesperson for the dealership, “Customers can choose from a wide-ranging palette of colors and trim that can even be matched to a full-size Aston already in the family.”

“We hope we will be welcoming a new generation of customer: younger, but no less discerning, and like their parent looking for the ultimate in performance and handcrafted style.”

Unfortunately, the DB Junior cannot be driven on public highways, so driving is strictly restricted to private land or racing tracks. But picture this: a kiddie couple driving all the way from the front gate to the backyard for a first date! How cute is that?