Revealed !! The True Story Behind ” The leaked N*de Pictures of Port harcourt Gospel Singer

phgosplartistThis innocent lady Above, met an Ikwere Dr who worked with the commissioner for health (rivers state). And some how they hit it off. He was so possessive and had total control of her. Being the naive girl she is, she gave in to all he did almost worshiped him. He cut her off from her family and friends poisoned her mind against them. He made her see him as the only one she could trust.

They got engaged and soon after she could no longer take it cause she found out he was married but his wife was in South Africa. She called off the engagement but he wouldn’t have it.

Then he started threatening her. She managed to escape a kidnap he planned. Later he started sending her threat texts and mails. Blackmailing her that she must come back or else he ll ruin her life. That if he couldn’t have her no man ever will and he would make sure of that.

Not long after the threat he uploaded lots of n*de pictures on the net (this was in 2010/2011). Put it up on Nigerian porn sites n sent it to all her contacts on facebook and every member of her family home n abroad. Her colleagues at work n her church.

Her boss helped her by reporting the issue to the commissioner for health since that was his boss. And in less than 1hour all the pictures were down. Her reputation was soiled but she managed to pick up the pieces.

Now how many years later it re occurs this time even having larger publicity. She lost her relationship, her job, her life. The only way she knew how was suicide.

If she dies, this man would have stolen a rare gem from the world. She not only was decent but had a wonderful heart. Such a big heart. It will never be well with the man, there is no peace for the wicked.

We all are praying that she will make it through this struggle with life n death though when I look at her lying there I seem to think she has given up already. I know when theres life theres hope but her lifes been ruined. Her character defamed n rubbed in d mud.

People are wicked. His turn is coming. Judgement will catch up with him….

That’s the story as far as I know it. She had such a remarkable voice, great talent. And yes one more thing; she isnt a gospel artist. Just a young lady talented in singing who had plans of getting a record deal and affecting the world positively…


  1. olodo gospel singer. fornication is always the root cause of girls problems. heartbreak, pregnancy, hiv, std, sextapes etc. must u fuck him becos u are engaged to him. u are d cause of your owm probs. bear them. and e sweet you by the way. and i sure se you chop im money too. one bitten…

  2. I personally feel this story is just to placate the lady as the first report was quite different from this one. Any life you live in the past will always surface in the future. Internet is now punishing some wayward ladies. You can’t snap nude pics and 100% expect it not to enter the net. Lesson for all.

  3. As long as there life,there’s hope, God is waiting for her to come back to Him cos He still loves her d way she is. D most important thing is d lesson from this bitter experience. Other girls should also beware for all that glitters is not gold

  4. Since the dr has rubbished her, she should also let d whole world know d dr. Publish his name and contacts! That is if the story is true. Be wise peolpe, friends today can be enemy tomorrow. Its only a fool that goes to the net to rubbish a loved one.

  5. Why must u snap nude b4 him when u know ur not yet married,those this portray a life of a xtian? Well is a lesson u must not 4get in life.pik up ur life n fuge ahead.God will bring someone who will love u For who u are as long u hav repented from ur evil act.bewarned suicide is NOT d option oooo hell fire is REAL