Anti-Gay Law: Mark Hails Jonathan’s ‘Courage’ In The Face Of Pressure From Powerful Nations

_Jonathan_and_David_Mark_Senate_President_912548088President of the Senate, David Mark, has commended President Goodluck Jonathan for summoning the courage to sign the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill 2013 into law despite what he called “tremendous pressure” from leaders of some of the most powerful nations on earth.

Mark said as a result of pressure from the unnamed “powerful nations”, he at a pointed feared Mr. Jonathan would develop cold feet and refuse to sign the bill into law after both chambers of the National Assembly had passed it and the only thing remaining was presidential assent.

He spoke at the opening of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria’s 2014 first plenary meeting with the theme, “Church and state partnership in providing quality education for Nigerian people”, held at the Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral, Abuja.

“I must commend Mr. President for the courage he exhibited because I am aware that at one point, he was under serious and tremendous pressure not to sign that bill into law by some of the most powerful nations on the earth. But he demonstrated courage and patriotism, we must thank him”, the President of the Senate said.

Mark also used the occasion to decry the incessant killings by Boko Haram in the North Eastern part of the country, especially the recent massacre of schoolchildren, describing the acts as unacceptable.

He argued that taking another person’s life was not the right way to express grievances.


  1. please where is the courage in denying people their human rights do you not know what God calls that? He calls it Oppression and hates it.

    If you really felt it was wrong and abnormal why not offer treatment deliverance etc to the LGBT instead of imprisonment for non offences essentially against no one.? Love would not imprison if they felt someone was sick as we have been called, instead you imprison your sick na waaa ooo, which kind Love be that one?

    Anyway Jesus died for Gays and lesbians to be who they are and to make Heaven. I don’t give Human Rights i give SUPERhuman Rights as Laid up in Christ, this we are told to go and do TELL THEM THE GOOD NEWS that Jesus paid the price..and He did

  2. Wow! Judging by your comment, I can derive that you are gay and not even a sympathizer. Your type are the ones that make people see Christians as unclean and never want to turn to the Cross and be saved by the same Jesus that you used as a justifying yardstick for allowing evil to keep breathing and breading in our corrupt society.
    First, let me make it known to you, if by any means you forgot to think critically, that Gay Right is not in any way the same as Human Right. Rather, it’s an abnormal sexual orientation by the people who are gay.
    Let me also refer you to the book of the law where Christ was established(the Bible), that He died for the remission of our sins, as said in the Bible, does not mean we should continue to wallow in sin as Homosexuality is a condemned sin as seen in the Old Testament when God came strong on Sodom and Gomorah for the same ‘sin’ of homosexuality. So, that Christ died for our sins to be forgiven does not give us liberty to commit sins. And written also is “where there is no law, sin does not abound” and now we have a law prohibiting such act and that makes it a sin both in the sight of men and of the almighty God.
    Did you ever sit down and ask yourself this simple question of a wise being “What if my forefathers were gay, will I ever come into existence?” They can not procreate/conceive by being married to a person of the same sex instead, they go ahead to adopt innocent children thereby imparting this socio-eccentricity of homosexuality into such children but thank God for some countries that have prohibited them from adopting their children.
    Also from my wide findings on this Gay plague, these western world putting pressure on others for passing anti-gay laws once treated homosexuals as sick people who need psychological therapy or be transferred to a psychiatric hospital for further treatments but when it was someone from/close to the elites(relatives of the elite class) it became ‘human right’
    The Bible said “go into the world and multiply and fill the face of the earth.” And God created man and woman not man and man nor woman and woman. So, why change the natural order?
    For a right minded and rational human being, this is against human nature. I don’t know what is the problem with you Christians coming out to use the Bible in this manner! You will never hear/read from a muslim (even if he/she is gay in the secrete) openly supporting this inhumane insanity. Shame on you for using the ‘Holy Scripture’ as a backing for your sinful sickness.
    I’m not saying they should die, but be removed from the ‘open’ society. Period!

    Ode osi, oloriburuku oponu, omo iran ki ran, dan banza, dan iska, anuofia, anungboko, oyin oshi. Ungrateful bastard!

    • thanks for all the yap but with the law of Moses which this is SHALL NO MAN BE JUSTIFIED ie SAVED you all can enjoy roasting in the Fire with your law of Moses subscription mine expired when I became a Christian thanks be unto the Lord Jesus . Come under Grace we urge you all