Japanese Drinks Company Ready to Put First Ever Advert On the MOON


A Japanese sports drink company is set to run the first-ever advertisement on the MOON.

Beverage maker Otsuka is sending a 1kg titanium can emblazoned with its logo almost 239,000 miles through Space to Earth’s only natural satellite.

The can will land on the Dark Side of the Moon – the hemisphere permanently turned away from us.

Ironically, it will be delivered by an American company which charges up to $500,000 for lunar work – cleaning up space trash!

The can, packed with the powdered form of popular Japanese drink Pocari Sweat, will also have the dreams and wishes of 38,000 children from across Asia etched on its interior.

The can is designed to endure the impact of both launch and landing and will also have to withstand severe temperature shifts and higher levels of electromagnetic radiation from the sun.

The trip will take around four days and is a joint venture Otsuka, US firm Astrobotic Technology and Singapore-based Astroscale.

Once on the Moon, Astrobotic’s Griffin lander will take the can to the Lacus Mortis  – the Lake of Death – pit and place it on the ground.

Otsuka has not revealed how much the publicity stunt will cost.

But it claims it dreamt up the advertising campaign after water was found on the Moon and its ad-men became convinced humans could one day live on its surface.