People In California Are Painting Their Lawns Green To Save Water


Desperate times require desperate measures: to save water during California’s record-breaking drought, more and more homeowners have started to paint their lawns green. Scoop has more:

Statewide water restrictions have left average Californians with few options to maintain their lawns. Some have turned to rock gardens or AstroTurf, but those who want to keep the natural look of their lawns have come up with a better and cheaper solution – lawn painting.

The service was once limited to athletic fields and golf courses, but is now being sought out homeowners, hoteliers, and wedding planners, among others. Companies specializing in lawn painting use a plant-based green dye that’s apparently completely harmless to humans and animals. It’s also water resistant, although no one would mind if a little rain were to wash it away.

A professionally painted lawn looks remarkably natural, and at 25 cents per square foot, it’s also economical. Homeowners still need to water the lawns a bit, to keep the roots alive, but only use 10% of the water needed to keep the grass in perfect condition. The effect lasts for about three months, after which the lawn has to be spray-painted again.


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