Traffic Hawker Gets Handsome Reward For Letting Customer Go With Goods Without Payment On Trust

Amazing!!! Traffic Hawker Gets Handsome Reward For Letting Customer Go With Goods Without Payment On Trust

A Twitter user @opeyemilagos05 has shared the story of how he bought a jump start cable from a traffic hawker and he allowed him to leave without making payment.

According to the user, he exchanged phone numbers with the hawker and decided to reward him handsomely when he contacted him.

Read the story below:

Man people are hustling in this Lagos. Something funny happened to me in traffic just now between Dolphin Osborne.

Ok, so I have always wanted to buy a Jumpstart cable just in case. U know d way Car Battery can mess u up. I saw this guy selling it in traffic under a bridge or so after the dolphin exit gate. I didn’t even plan to buy it today so I just honked n he came over.

I asked how much n he said 4k. We finally bargained at 2500. All this while traffic wasn’t moving at all. Ok, he gave me this cable n that was how traffic started moving very fast ( The traffic light/lastma passed us).

That was how I started looking for my wallet then I realized it was in my booth so I stretch my hand to give d guy his cable back. All this while I was driving slowly and d guy was racing hard. Other drivers were blasting horn as usual…

Me I just wanted to drop this cable on d road for him but he was shouting bro pls do transfer n in my head I was like how d hell will I type *737* not even this FRSC that always there and d way Sanwo Olu is Para’ing.

Omo this thing no funny. This guy was bent on selling this item. Ok, I risked typing *737* while driving slowly n I shouted *WHAT BANK * n he shouted ACCESS DIAMOND.

Ok, he told me his account No n man I didn’t have credit and this transfer didn’t go through. Which kain life.

Ok, he now said I should give him my phone number n I just remember I had my business card just in my car n I threw it on d road for him. I was driving all this while n I was like wow this guy really trust me with this unpaid item.

Ok, long story short. This happened

His tweet below: