Billionaire Who Ordered Helicopter To Pick Him At Benin-Ore Road In Trouble As NCAA  Commences Investigation

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA has said in a briefing that they have commenced investigation on the chopper that landed on the busy highway of Benin-Ore road to pick up a passenger.

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The incident which went viral on social media has been a controversial issue as aviation experts and public opinions have been divided over the issue.

NCAA Public Relationship Officer, Mr. Sam Adurogboye said in a briefing that they are fully aware of the helicopter that landed on the highway indicating that the helicopter is owned by tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd, with the registration number 5N – BVQ and aircraft type AW139. he continued, the Pilot was compelled to land between Benin and Ore in an unscheduled diversion to pick up someone. NCAA has commenced a full-scale investigation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the unscheduled diversion. As soon as the investigation is concluded, the outcome will be made public.

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  1. What are they investigating? Investigating why a helicopter pick up someone who is on a traffic hold up or why there was a hold up on that road? Since when has helicopter scheduled to fly? Was there an accident as a result of the the incident? I think they should investigate why it is taking such a long time to fix the problems associated with that Benin – Ore road.