‘I can overlook your rudeness, but not your lies’ – Toke Makinwa comes for Sandra Edoho again

Media girl Toke Makinwa and her former interior designer, Sandra Edoho are bent on dragging each other to the pit following Toke’s accusation that Sandra did a terrible job furnishing her home.

Toke had claimed that Sandra did a bad job despite having been paid well, an accusation Sandra denied it while referring to Toke as ‘a client from hell’.

Toke is claiming she tried to reach out to Sandra but was met with rude customer service, a claim Sandra has denied adding that Toke insulted her husband during their private back and forth.

The media personality has now fired back saying she can take Sandra’s rudeness but not her lies.

“Your rudeness I can overlook but lying is one thing I would not tolerate. You have zero customer service, your attitude to issues is not to resolve but to shift blame.

You made this entire process a nightmare and if I could turn back the hands of time I would never have hired you. You were not forced, ii asked you to contact me if you had time to take on one more project last year, you contacted me back in Oct/November, no one forced you.

You never paid attention to this job, my house became a site where you cut your wood, you did not work on this project alone, so why are you the only one being called out?

Your pictures look lovely but your finishing isn’t and when complaints were raised your attitude was one of rudeness, trading words and even hanging up on your client.

You blocked your client so there was no way you could be contacted. You only picked up after other people got involved. There are witnesses so you might want to thread carefully. When asked why you blocked me? Your response was you were going on holiday and didn’t need bad vibes. On my money?

You delivered last week and two buttons came off, I had a carpenter fix. 6 more came off and I sent your husband who works with you on projects a message, that pissed you off too. I have never called anyone out in my life pls don’t make out like you are a victim.

I paid for a service and I have a right to complain. My blind is still bad, the top of my closet island is bad and when you were asked, you said nature is responsible for that. You blamed the machine for the bad finishing on the wood too. Pls do the right thing,” Toke wrote.

See Sandra’s reply below.