‘I Heard A Loud Bang’ – Denrele Edun Reveals What Transpired Between Peruzzi and Pamilerin

VJ Denrele Edun has reacted to the news of singer Peruzzi slapping social media influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke.

According to him, the incident happened for real and that the whole brouhaha is no publicity stunt.

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Narrating the incident, Denrele Edun tweeted:

So I invited @thepamilerin & @Peruzzi_VIBES to my club openin in Bayelsa.
Both arrived at different times.
I’ve known Pamilerin for years & since we al went to Dubai recently for his birthday celebration, I wanted him to cum thru not only as an Influencer but to unwind for a bit!

Peruzzi is also a close friend of mine. Jst when he rounded up his course in Ukraine, he had come thru to ask me to help out with his music.
PamPam arrivd in Bayelsa on the 7th.
Perruzzi arrivd in Bayelsa on the 8th.
D Club Openin wz on d nite of d 7th.
Both didnt see each other.

Right afta d successful openin nite, I had dispersed d first roll call of artistes.
Peruzzi, Skales & Dbanj wer billed to perform on d second nite.
For some weird reason, Pamilerin slept off & didnt come thru. So Peruzzi didnt see him in d club.
Heaven knows wat wuld hv gone dwn.

The morning of the 9th, I had dispatched security to go pick 2Face and Zoro up and the moment they got back to the hotel, I did a roll call of all my guests billed to catch the evening flight out of PH to Lagos.
Everyone came to the hotel lobby and we started a head count.

Pamilerin strolled down & I immediately started teasing him about how he missed out on a great nite out at d club. And we laughed about the shenanigans that @PEXXIE & Shewenzi were up to.
I was truly grateful that everyone came thru to support CLUB DIPS but most importantly, ME!

Peruzzi came down a few minutes after & whilst we were catching up about his great performance d nite before, d Protocol guys called for my attention.
We all stepped outside to d car park & drifted apart.
Next minute, I heard d sound of a LOUD SLAP & ther wz commotion everywher*

It happend for real.
And Im rili saddened by dis turn of events!
I apologize to every1 who had to witness dis & I honestly want 2ask @thepamilerin & @Peruzzi_VIBES
to settle this amicably.
Off camera.
Cos I know its brewin hot more than we can imagine!

We retaliate instead of reflect, and we burn hot in the flames of revenge rather than cool our heels in the pool of patience.

@thepamilerin & @Peruzzi_VIBES I gat MAD LOVE for both of you.
And I appreciate you supporting me all d way!
PLEASE, let’s bury this.

Denrele Edun