Nollywood actress Queen Wokoma’s marriage has ended!

Nollywood actress Queen Wokoma's marriage has ended!

Nollywood actress Queen Wokoma and her husband, Prince Allison, have decided on ending their marriage.

Queen tied the knot with Prince Allison in September 2017 and the couple welcomed their son in November 2018.

Prince Alison made news back in 2017 when he proposed to Queen, whom he said he would rather be with than a million girls in his past.

“I may not have been a good guy before I met you, but one thing I am so sure of is you make me feel so complete and nothing would ever make me think of hurting your innocent heart, I look at you and see how fragile your heart is, you deserve nothing but a man that can handle such fragile heart, I PROMISE TO BE THAT MAN  that will always put smiles on your face, that man that you will be proud of. I love you so much. have never been so scared as losing someone as much as I am with you..Thank you for loving an imperfect man like me, you will never regret this I promise… #friendsloversparentsforlife I RATHER BE WITH YOU ALONE THAN BE WITH A MILLION DOZEN OF THE GIRLS IN MY PAST” he wrote on his IG after proposing to her

The young man has now announced the end of their marriage on his IG page.

Nollywood actress Queen Wokoma's marriage has ended!