Pastor Sam Adeyemi Says It Is Propaganda To Say Churches Have Money

Money is good but it empowers you to commit sin - Pastor Sam Adeyemi
Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi, the founder of Daystar Christian Centre, has said that the belief that churches have money is propaganda.

The cleric said this while speaking at a recent conference organised by the Christian Financial Accountability Association (CFAA).

According to Adeyemi, many churches have less than 100 members but manage the little they get to do the things they do.

“When people say churches have money, it is propaganda. At least 75% of churches have less than 100 members,” he said.

“It is very little money they manage and out of that little money, they take care of widows and people who do not have.

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“Most of the leaders of these churches don’t have financial management skills.”

He said the CFAA will work to help Christian organisations to facilitate financial accountability, ethical and governance standards.