Security Guard Kills Boss In Lagos, Throws Body Inside Septic Tank

Septic Tank

A security guard in Lagos has allegedly murdered his Lebanese boss, Bassan Khodari, at his apartment and hid his body inside a septic tank.

The incident was said to have occurred in the Apapa area of Lagos state, and the corpse of the Lebanese boss said to be retrieved from a septic tank in the apartment on Tuesday.

The Lebanese boss was said to have returned to Lagos on Monday from Abuja, and found the guard and his friends stealing his property, a resident said.

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According to the residents, Khodari confronted the guard for bringing his friends to loot his property while he was away but this reportedly led to an argument between both of them.

The employee reportedly fled the apartment, while Khodari’s body was found the next day after his disappearance, area ‘B’ command in the state reports.

Bala Elkana, Lagos command spokesperson confirmed the incident, adding that some suspects have been arrested, while investigation is ongoing.

“We are trailing the key suspect. Some persons have been arrested and an investigation is ongoing. I cannot give you further details so that we do not jeopardise investigation,” Elkana said.