YCee Reacts To South African Rapper AKA’s Comment On Xenophobia


Nigerian rapper and singer, YCee is currently enjoying several accolades from compatriots for ‘teaching’ South African rapper, Aka, a lesson on Twitter.

Following the ongoing xenophobic attacks of Nigerians in South Africa, many have have raised their voices to condemn the gruesome act, urging all in authority in both countries to rise and put a stop to it.

Rapper YCee known also as Jagaban or Zaheer, pointed at some tweets that Aka made during the last African cup of nations when they(South Africa) were defeated by Nigeria’s Super Eagles.

In YCee’s opinion, people with large Twitter followers shouldn’t make such statements as they have a way of influencing those who follow them on social media.

This made Nigerians on Twitter so happy because it shows that YCee isn’t one to sit on the fence.