2023 Presidency: Tinubu Should Give Southeast A Chance: Edwin Clark

Edwin Clark

Chief Edwin Clark, Ijaw leader and elder statesman on Sunday said leaders of the Southwest should stop wanting to become president and give the Southeast a chance of anointing a president from the region.

According to Clark, there is nothing the All Progressive Congress (APC) leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu can offer that the South-East can’t, so they(southwest leaders) should stop thinking of becoming president.

Chief Clark said this in an interview with Vanguard, urging the South West to give the South-East the opportunity to rule the nation.

“They should stop thinking of becoming the President of Nigeria.

“What does Tinubu have to offer that the people of the South-East cannot offer? What is the justification for them to become the President of Nigeria? Is it because they belong to the APC?

“They should not be thinking of how to divide Nigeria. We must all unite and have respect for ourselves. The South-West should allow other people to have a taste of power.

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“There is no way the South-West would be better than the South-East on the 2023 presidency.”

“There is no politician better than the Igbo [South East] politician.

“The Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of the Northern Nigeria, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, played politics together with his Igbo counterparts.

“The Mbadiwes and Aja Nwanchukus were easterners who played leading roles in the development of this country. What of Nnamdi Azikiwe?

“Nigeria has qualified people from every region, every state. To say they have not played politics well is unacceptable. Is it because they [the South East] fought the civil war they believed in?”


  1. As long as people like Mr.Clark,refuse to see the reality on the ground,we will continue to have problem.We should allow nigerians from whatever zone or region to decide whom they want to lead them.
    I will like to advise elders like him to show examples by being nuetral and embrace any nigerian based on merit no matter from what part of nigeria he or she comes from.
    If he does that,he will leave a legacy as one of the patriots.

  2. He is an hypocrite, and Igbo knows what to do if they want to get the Presidency slot, has his Ijaw tribe that kind of his mind on Igbo Presidency? Events throws up candidate then well meaning Nigerians buys the idea and run with it.
    Appeal to sentiments, cajoling ,threatening and blackmailing other regions etc is not one of the ways out