‘Cheating Is A Form Of Abuse To Anyone’s Mental Health’ – Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

A few hours ago, veteran American rapper Snoop Dogg had reacted to a post by fellow rapper Gucci Mane, celebrating his wife for sticking by him despite the many pain he caused her.

Snoop’s approval of this has since caused many to talk asking why women have to be subjected to pain before they can be deemed good enough.

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Reacting to this, Juliet Ibrahim said cheating on women is a form of abuse on their mental health.

In her words;

This speaks to the core of so many issues… enjoy the read and understand while at it, work on yourself as a person and stop promoting negativity and bad behavior. Some men aren’t even aware that when they cheat on a woman they cause a lifetime of problems for that woman. That woman can be affected emotionally, psychologically, and her self esteem and trust in another person can be destroyed which will need a lot of work to build back to normal. So, NO cheating is NOT a normal thing and can never be! Cheating is a form of abuse to anyone’s mental health! If you don’t want to be with a person and can’t be committed stay out of committed relationships! SIMPLE! If you can’t be monogamous from the onset as a woman or man let your partner know so you both understand what it is you’re getting into. Don’t be creating lots of broken people in society with this bad behavior and lame excuse. In @atoasttolifebook I had the opportunity to speak about similar situations I went through and how I was able to rise above. Unfortunately, not many women can be able to be as strong as I was or I am. #selfworth #atoasttolife #RespectWomen #RespectYourself