Twitter Users Accuse Jaruma Of Selling Charms To Women To Hypnotize Men


Nigerian sex therapist and businesswoman Jaruma has come under massive attack on Twitter.

Twitter users are accusing the new mom of two of selling charms to women to hypnotize men.

One Twitter user wrote;

To Jaruma Charm buyers

I’m sure you know the Yoruba adage ” bo pe boya ogun asunko” ( the voodoo will expire one day). When it does and he start boxing you like Mayweather please don’t come to the TL and shout domestic violence. In fact y’all deserve jail time.

See more tweets below;

Jaruma makes and sells charm to ladies to use on men!? Against their will!? Women are scum too!

— Chioma 🇳🇬 (@IamChiomaa) October 5, 2019

“Son of a prayerful mother” but they are using Jaruma charm to trap you

— F A I T H (@Retiredsars) October 5, 2019

We are here working our socks off trying to be legit to earn a living. Someone is somewhere waiting for us to blow so that she will use jaruma charms on us eh? Thunder wey go fire them eh #BBNaiija

— Onyeka chikki (@ChikkiOnyeka) October 5, 2019

All I know is that Jaruma jazz cannot work on a Bayelsa man inside of Bayelsa State.

The woman will either confess or be miserable for life. Our gods and ancestors don’t sleep on that.

— Bayelsa Twytter Lord (@erefitei) October 5, 2019

After the Jaruma juju clears and you realize you’ve given out all your house documents

— SkywalkerNG (@SkywalkerNg) October 5, 2019

People are so gullible. Is this what they buy from Jaruma. What a wasted life 🤦‍♂️

— Bamidele Savage (@Bashmidas1) October 5, 2019