Do The Most With The Infinix S5

Recent smartphone users’ preference and trend has spurred smartphone makers to keep advancing mobile phone camera technology.

According to Info trends, an estimated 1.2billion pictures were taken all over the world in 2017. A massive 85% of those photos were taken with smartphones, 10.3% taken with digital cameras whilst the remaining 4.7% were taken with tablets. 

Indeed, Phone photography is fast becoming a thing and as a result of the prominence and functionality of mobile phone cameras, smartphones with excellent camera features are now the rave of the moment. 

Following this trend, Infinix Mobility recently launched the 5th generation smartphone from its camera-centric S collection. With major focus on improved camera features, the Infinix S5 raises the bar for excellent smartphone photography and empowers its users to DO THE MOST.


If you are a fashion designer, bead maker or a freelance photographer, The S5 allows you to create beautifully lit images that perfectly showcases your craft. 

Having a line-up of four cameras might seem overboard if you don’t really know how to use them. This review would help you understand each lens’ unique function so that you can put them to good use.

The Infinix S5 comes with 16MP+5MP+2MP+QVGA AI cameras. 

Its 16MP primary camera takes excellent shots under different light condition with the aid of its supplementary quad-flash.  

The 5MP ultra-wide-angle lens and macro lens camera, are built to capture wide-angle shots with a lot more details, and consequently give pictures a more dramatic effect. The wide angle-lens is best for capturing landscapes, cityscapes, or indoor shots from a wider perspective. In addition, just in case you own a jewellery shop and you would love to display some of your beautiful pieces online, the macro lens would ensure that you get the best close-up shot without losing even the most delicate detail of your exquisite piece of jewellery.

Similarly, the 2MP depth camera inherently understands different sceneries and helps to distinguish fore ground image from background image. This technology comes in handy in several instances especially when creating the perfect portrait image. 

Lastly, the AI technology combined with upgraded facial recognition technology, produces portraits with accurate facial sharpness, intelligently balances brightness and color calibrations on multi-level exposures thus, making your backlit portraits more artistic and impressive.

With all these camera lenses combined, the S5 users can take remarkable professional shots just like that of a DSLR camera so they can continue to DO THE MOST in their respective areas of interest.


To complement its excellent Quad camera setup, the S5 also adopts a 32MP AI In-display front facing camera that allows users to beautify their selfie with an improved 3D beauty function. It has four exclusive options with 100 precision adjustments, providing stunning image customizations to make amazing selfies. 


The Infinix S5 dishes out a 20:9 aspect ratio cinematic wide infinity-O display, with no narrow bezel in sight. Its 6.6-inch screen is perfect for large screen lovers. With a 90.5% screen to body ratio, viewing and gaming is a whole new splendid experience.


Guess what? The S5 is not just about the perfect camera setup rather, it also comes with a sleek and fashionable Quetzal feather design with delicate feather strokes that guarantees suitable handling experience. The device comes in three strikingly beautiful color variants – Nebula black, Quetzal cyan and Violet. 

Other standout features of the S5 that are worthy of note is its MediaTek Helio P22 processor with 2.0GHz processing speed courtesy of AndroidTM 9 pie. Also, the device stomachs a 4000mAh battery in its slender uni-body design, and would go for up to 48+hrs upon a single charge.   

With varying storage capacities, the S5 comes in 4GB RAM+64GB ROM and 6GB RAM +12GB ROM alternatives with both donning expandable SD card slots.