‘Hotter than Fire’: Full List of Winners of the LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards 2019 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Congratulations to all of the winners of the LIMA Awards 2019, an action-filled night full of spirit and soul.

All of the hitmakers and stars of the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry came together for the world’s hottest party in gospel music, the LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards 2019.

The artists of the LoveWorld family are truly gifted and as Pastor Chris, founder and pastor of LoveWorld Inc., said, “There’s no place in the world where you have the concentration of the top most highest number, of the top most talents in music and arts in the world, like you have in LoveWorld! This is the place.”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministers to the audience at the LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards 2019

The spectacular celebration filled with entertaining and moving musical performances and soul-stirring ministry took place last night at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena in Lagos, Nigeria and marked the end of the week-long International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference with Pastor Chris.

The LIMA awards have become the highly anticipated annual event that recognizes the talent, dedication and impact of the anointed artists of the LoveWorld nation. The high-energy and spiritually moving celebration surpassed all expectations. 

The winning artists all expressed their joy and gratitude towards Pastor Chris and the LoveWorld family for helping to make their dreams a reality.

Gospel music has become an important pillar of the LoveWorld community. Music, the cultural spirit of the ministry, has a unique ability to impact people deep in their souls. 

All the well-deserving winners of the prestigious LIMA 2019 awards

The UK Band swept numerous categories taking home awards for ‘Worship Song of the Year’ and ‘Music Band of the Year’. Their energetic and soulful song Shining was chosen as one of the ‘Best Songs of the Year.’ The UK Band received a $50,000 cash award for their win for ‘Song Writer of the Year (All Star Category)’.

Award-winning artist Testimony Jaga gave an electric performance of his ‘Hit Song of the Year’, Gone for Life, that brought the LIMA crowd to their feet. He took home awards in the competitive categories of ‘Song Writer of the Year (Proto-Stars Category)’ and ‘Artist of the Year’ which included a $25,000 cash award

Award-winning LoveWorld artist, Testimony Jaga, receiving his award for ‘Artist of the Year’

Frank Fytt was honored as ‘Producer of the Year’. Pastor Saki’s song Lights won the prize in the category for ‘Theme Song of the Year’.

In the highly anticipated and competitive category of ‘Best Vocalist of the Year’, Pastor Ruthney was celebrated as the ‘Best Female Vocalist’ and popular LoveWorld hitmaker, Eben, nabbed the prize for ‘Best Male Vocalist’.

The award for ‘Video of the Year’ want to Samsong for his visually entertaining and catchy E dey Work.

LoveWorld Artist Samsong performs his hit ‘E Dey Work’ which took home the prize for ‘Video of the Year’.

The inspirational song, Joy Overflow, by Joe Praize was selected as the LIMA 2019 winner of ‘Hit Song of the Year (All-Stars Category)’. 

After years of songwriting and producing in the LoveWorld Gospel music scene, Password won the award for ‘Best New Act’ for his own songs at LIMA 2019. 

The melodious, talented duo of CSO and Jeanine won the category of ‘Musical Collaboration of the Year’ with their hit song Higher Life.

The beautiful and gifted Rita Soul took home the prize for ‘Song Writer of the Year (Proto-Stars Category)’ which was accompanied by a $25,000 cash prize.

LoveWorld artist Onos’s celebrated song Overflow won in the category of ‘Best New Rendition of a Song’. 

And the award for ‘Song of the Year’ goes to 

The most distinguished award of the evening for ‘Song of the Year’, the zenith prize, the song selected out of all winners in the best song category which carries a grand prize cash award of $100,000, was presented to veteran performer and LoveWorld superstar Sinach for her hit song Overflow.

The full list of winners for ‘Best Songs of 2019’: 

Shining by UK Band, Prince Of Peace by  Eben, Gone For Life by Testimony Jaga, Jesus by Rita Soul, Joy Overflow by Joe Praize, Light by Jahdiel, Your Presence by Ayo Vincent, Pour Out Your Love by Jeannine, None Like Our God by Sparkles, Never Go Down by Israel Strong, Light by Pastor Saki, In Your Presence by CSO, Jesus Is Here by Phendi, You Are My Everything by UK Band, Higher Life by CSO & Jeannine, Highest Praise by Martin PK, Overflow by Sinach, and Dance In The Holy Ghost by Rita Soul.

This year’s LIMA Awards were one for the books. In the spirit of the night, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome wondered how unimaginably awesome next year’s event is going to be. The evening was truly ‘Hotter Than Fire’, the bar has been set high for the LoveWorld luminaries who will no doubt succeed in taking their music to the next level.