IPPC 2019: A Celebration Of Those Who Have Given Glory To God

For one week only the IPPC is set to see Nigeria become a haven and home for the thousands of pastors and partners who toil in the field to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the nations on earth.

Those who work tirelessly for the Ministry come to the IPPC to recharge and refocus. These conferences energize everyone for the glorious task of winning souls. From the 11th -17th November in the Convocation Arena in Lagos, Nigeria, the delegates at the IPPC will be delivering outstanding lectures shedding light on the mission of Christ Embassy.

IPPC 2019 is set to be outstanding

2019 is the ‘Year of Lights’ and the IPPC is a chance to celebrate the leading lights of the LoveWorld community. In Matthew 5:14 1 it says; -“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.”  No one can hide from the message of the Gospel when our esteemed leaders are preaching the Word. We need to celebrate those who illuminate our world with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The LoveWorld Awards validate the relevance of the work the staff does so diligently. Pastor Chris uses this time to give special thanks to those esteemed pastors and partners who devote their lives to winning souls and driving forward the vision of Christ Embassy.

Awarding amazing contributors

During the LoveWorld Awards on Saturday 16th November, a select few will be recognized as ‘Gold  Partners’. These ten individuals are chosen because of their “exceptional sense of commitment and dedication to the vision of Pastor Chris.” Last year Pastor Deola Phillips was awarded the highest accolade of ‘Partner of the Year’. Who will be acknowledged this year?  Follow the fun on KingsChat.

As the IPPC is being held in the ‘Month of Blessings’ it is Pastor Chris’s joy to be able to bestow blessings on those who work tirelessly for the Church and devote their lives to its holy mission. There will be blessings for the partners who help actualize the wide-ranging humanitarian achievements of The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International as well as the spiritual achievements of projects like Rhapsody of Realities.

In 2018 the IPPC was able to celebrate the massively successful number of Rhapsody of Realties distributions. This was building on the cumulative distribution and working towards the goal of having the word of god spread around the world. This is one of the purposes of the emissaries of Christ Embassy.

Last year Pastor Chris spoke about purpose “the purpose must be clear and must be followed through”, he explained. Continuing, Pastor Chris highlighted that there is always a process, and such process must be followed, in his words “you may need just a few minutes to get everybody ready, don’t spend most of the time discussing. The same thing is applicable to other meetings. Be clear what the purpose is.”

The LIMA Awards are creating a huge buzz this year. Anticipation has reached fever-pitch

The purpose of awards is seen by many as a validation of their contributions to furthering the divine message.  The IPPC also dedicates a huge part of the event to the celebration and promotion of the artistic, musical and cultural aspects of the Believers LoveWorld network. Music, dance and spoken word entertainment are a key component in spreading the word. The LIMA Award Ceremony is going to be ’Hotter Than Fire’ as we anticipate powerful performances from some of the leading gospel singers of our generation. Their music is on point and conveys meaningful messages that are imprinted on our brains.  

IPPC sets the tone of honor and respect

One of the clear messages and aims of the ministry is to fill the world with God’s divine spirit. The church is comprised of many subsidiaries, all led by notable spiritual leaders from around the world. With thanks to God, the ministry has established online ministries and branches of Christ Embassy Church in North America, Africa, Europe, and South-East Asia. 

These ambassadors of God go out into the community and let the world hear about the amazing miracles that occurred at Healing School as well as the profound changes that happen when people hear the message of Jesus Christ. LoveWorld television networks mean that thousands of people are connected to the regular services enabling them to have access to glorious worship. They can bear witness to unprecedented miracles which will strengthen their faith and devotion.

During the week there is an ongoing expo called ‘ LoveWorld Exhibition’,  which will feature a variety of presentations, testimonies, and activities geared to the advancement of the gospel” and showcases the church’s many achievements and activities. During the IPPC there will be a Translators’ Network International Conference (TNIC), the International Teen Pastors’ Conference (ITPLC) and the International Media Connector Conference (IMCC) all dedicating to spreading the love. 

With so many different parts and platforms to the ministry it’s important to thank and honor the people who run them. They are the cohesive body of LoveWorld Inc. brought to you under the mindful guidance of the beloved and highly respected Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for everything you have done for us. Hallelujah.