Reno Omokri Apologises After Saraki’s Wife Schooled Him Like A Child

Toyin Saraki
Toyin Saraki

Reno Omokri has tendered an apology after Toyin Saraki, wife of Bukola Saraki, former Senate president took her time to lecture him on Saturday morning on a few facts.

Omokri had stepped on the former Kwara State first lady’s toes when he tweeted a photo of her being escorted by security aides, one holding her handbag and another carrying an umbrella over other head.

He compared the photo to that of Queen Elizabeth II of England who was carrying her own umbrella in a photo, he shared side by side Mrs Saraki’s — Adding that Mrs Saraki’s photo describes the sad state of Nigeria.

Reacting to Omokri’s tweet, Saraki shared a few facts and photos as why there is nothing wrong with aides extending such courtesies to her.

She said: Mr Bemigho Reno Omokri.

While I’ve never personally made your acquaintance, I am surprised to wake up this fine morning, to this mis-juxtaposition from you, as an apparent pastor of the @renoomokri Mind of Christ Christian Center of California and Abuja.

She added this; Indeed Mr Omokri, your misadventure speaks more to the state of your mind and mischief, that you would juxtapose my picture approaching an airport receiving line with that of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on a walkabout at the races…

In a quick response, Omokri responded to Saraki’s lecture with an apology, saying he didn’t know that it was her in the photo.

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He said: Dear Mrs @ToyinSaraki,

I did not know that was you in the picture. Indeed, I know your character is not like that. If I had known it was you, I would have investigated further. You are an epitome of a well brought up lady and I crave your forgiveness