Why I Shared My HIV Status With The World – Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa
Actress, Dayo Amusa

Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa in a new interview has opened up on why she decided on sharing her HIV status with everyone.

Dayo who just released a new movie titled Omoniyun, which centers on female harassment as well as HIV, in the interview revealed why she decided a while back to share her HIV status which is negative.

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Speaking on why she took that step, the actress said;

Well, it wasn’t even attached to the movie. The result I posted was just a random thing. I just felt like the issue of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases is everywhere, whether we want to admit it or not. As individuals, di thing wey cloth dey cover, no bi small thing. And I just feel like, I’ve done mine, I’m negative. You don’t have to be scared to do it. It is better for you to even have it done, know your status. But it is better for you to know your medical status in general so as to be able to do the needful.

On if she will share her status if she ever tests positive, she said;

I would. Maybe, not exactly at that particular moment. But I would because, for me, I feel being HIV positive is not like the end of the world and it doesn’t stop you from living your life. You don’t have to die before death. You get informed, you get educated about your status so that every other person that is living around you will live healthy. So, it was just a way of (saying), ‘thank God that I am negative. Now that I am negative, biko, make una go do una own.’ That was just it.



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