You Are Dumb As You Look, Fani-Kayode Slams Customs CG, Hameed Ali

Hameed Ali and Customs Officers
Hameed Ali and Customs Officers

Femi Fani Kayode, a former minister for aviation, has described Hameed Ali, Customs Comptroller General, as one who is dumb as he looks, following his comment that China once closed its border for 40 years.

Speaking via a series of tweets he further opined that border closure does not in any way boost a nation’s economy.

“China closed their border for 40 years and today they are great”- Col. Hameed Ali, C-G Nigerian Customs. This man belongs to the stone age and is clearly as dumb as he looks. May God deliver us from the debilitating gullibility and crushing ignorance of these Buharists.

Has protectionism and closing your borders ever boosted a nation’s economy? China’s strength lies in her willingness to TRADE with the outside world and in the size of her population and market. The fact that most of the world has access to that market has made her very rich.

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If she closed her borders today she would be denied access to lucrative foreign markets across the world herself where she exports her products and she would lose all her wealth within 10 years and become weak, poor and isolated. No-one closes borders in a globalised world.

Can someone please explain all this to almajiri Hameed! He seems to have zero understanding of how the new and modern world is run and about how nations prosper.


  1. my kayode, you lack knowledge of global economy if not you will not expect Nigeria authority to allow it border to be open for the importation of goods that can be produced and consumed locally and export to another country. so be objective and always talk like enlightened citizen not like coward and lunatic.


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