A Good Time With Davido was totally lit and my S5 Was The Perfect Date For The Event. “She was brilliant”

Infinix Mobility knows how much Nigerians love entertainment, and for years now, they have given it hot every chance they get. so, it wasn’t much of a surprise that at Davido’s concert, Infinix Mobility was there all the way, turning up right there with Nigerians, giving maximum support to their brand ambassador – Davido.

“Good time with Davido” was splendid, and this splendor was complemented by the array of brands that partnered with Davido for the show, one of which was the smartphone brand that he represents.


Both brand – Infinix Mobility – and brand ambassador – Davido – share a number of qualities together, including, style, class, unparalleled innovative abilities, and more apparent on this day was their brilliance in performance.

Davido’s performance at the event was brilliant and the Infinix S5 was the perfect gadget to capture the thrilling moments. Pictures shot on this device were totally amazing.  

Davido’s commitment to growth over the years has been commendable, he keeps upping his game, pushing beyond the limit, and setting the pace for others to follow, and one could only say the same for Infinix Mobility in its own competitive space.  

The multiple award-winning artist was also able to pool a long list of highly talented A -list artist to the show, and each and every one of them brought their hay games, adding a more electrifying tone to the already blazing concert.

As Davido made entrance to the stage, I was having a hard time, trying to figure out which one gave me the chills, whether it was his grand entrance or the reaction of the crowd. All I know is, I was standing wide eyed and in awe.

Davido quickly ran through the archives performing some of his oldies from “Fall”, “if”, ‘FIA’, ‘Nwa Baby’, to ‘One Ticket’, ‘Money’ and more.

I guess I don’t need to tell you what happened when it finally got to “RISKY”. Fans cheered and sang along enjoying every bit of the performance. It sure was a good way to wrap up the amazing year and give his homies a taste of the vibe he’d be taking to north America for the 2020 Good time tour.

With Infinix Mobility recently winning the LAPRIGA awards and their brand ambassador killing shows like never before, the coming year is certainly one to look forward to, and we can only expect to be utterly thrilled.  

If you couldn’t make it to the show, you really missed out, but I hope you enjoy the images carefully captured using my phone and experience a bit of what went down.