Bauchi: How Pregnant Women, Sick People Are Taken To Hospitals On Donkeys


Some communities in Bauchi State have revealed that they convey pregnant women to hospitals on donkeys and ox-drawn trucks because they lack motorable roads.

The communities said to be Misau Local Government Area of the state said this on Wednesday when a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondent visited Babuwuri and Ngummachame settlements, which are tagged“Hard-To-Reach (HTR)” in terms of healthcare by the EU/UNICEF.

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According to the heads of the settlements, Malam Magaji Abdu and Alhaji Ahmadu Garba, pregnant women and sick people are transported to health facilities using donkeys and ox-drawn trucks.

“This is due to the hard to reach nature of our settlements coupled with the lack of road networks and distance from health facilities.

“If a woman developed obstructed labour or any delivery complications as well as sick ones who cannot be conveyed on motorcycles, the last option is to use either donkeys or ox-drawn trucks.

“This is done over a distance of 20km or 15km depending on the location of the settlements and health facilities,” Abdu said.