Lady Nabbed With Stolen Child In Imo State

A yet-to-be-identified woman has been nabbed with a stolen child after embarking on a trip from Asaba to Port Harcourt.

According to online reports, the woman tried to bribe a police officer during a stop and search.

Upon some questioning, the woman could not remember when she gave birth to the boy who was drugged.

The young child was reportedly abducted in Onitsha. An eyewitness, Achineme Victor who shared the story on Facebook wrote;

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”My experience from Asaba to Port Harcourt today was with mix feelings.

I joined RTC from Asaba to pH, on getting to Awo-omama (Imo state) , Our vehicle was stopped for visual search.

We were asked to pull over.
Our Driver: “Officer, we dey go pH oo”.
Police officer: who born dat boy?”
Driver: “see him mother”
Officer: “madam come back here.
As soon she alighted from the vehicle, she gave the police officer a Tip & and the office declined.
Officer: “na your son?”
Mother: “yes”
Officer: ” when you born d boy?”
Mother: “I nor remember o”
Officer: “madam,so you know fit remb wen you born dis boy?”
Officer: ” call your husband”
Mother: put a call across and handed the phone to officer.
Officer: Oga, I dey with your wife, when your wife born dis boy”?
Father: father couldn’t remember too.
While we were complain of the delay, after about 30mins ,one of us said “look back oo, they’ve stopped another vehicle”

They one behind behind us was serious. After over 40 mins of interrogation, it was discovered that the boy was under the influence of drug.
The boy was stolen/kidnapped from Onitsha and he’s been taking to Owerri.

I won’t add pictorial evidence if am not SURE.
They (women) both admitted commiting the #crime
I want to thank the Nigeria Police for insisting on the right thing.

Parents !!! Watch over your kids/wards.”