Why We Arrested Shina Peller: Police

Shina Peller
Shina Peller

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, has explained that Shina Peller, the owner of Quilox clubhouse and a House of Representatives member, was arrested for obstructing traffic flow as well as hiring thugs to disrupt Maroko police station, the Nations report.

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He added that he had been warned on several occasions without heading.

His words:

“Up till 9am, the club was still on. They refused to remove their vehicles and Lagosians were seriously disturbed. Even Mr Governor was affected this morning. He had to manoeuvre his way through it. “This man had been talked to many times, but he refused to listen. This morning, our patrol vehicles towed three vehicles out of that place so that people could pass.
This honourable mobilised over 50 thugs to attack Maroko Police Station to move those vehicles out. We had to send reinforcement from neighbouring stations before they were able to curtail the situation. That was how he was arrested with five of the thugs, while others escaped. We had to excerise a lot of restraints.

They have been moved to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, where they are being investigated.”