Man Robs Pharmacy, Leaves Note Saying, “I’m Sorry, I Have A Sick Child”

Suspected robber
Suspected robber

A man who robbed a pharmacy in Philadelphia says he robbed because he needed the money to pay for his sick child.

CNN reports that the suspect, who wore a grey hoodie and dark gloves, took an item to the register then handed a note to the employee that read in part, “Give me all the money. I’m sorry, I have a sick child. You have 15 seconds.”

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A video from the robbery attack shows the clerk opening the cash register and putting money into the same plastic bag the suspect used to purchase his item.

Philadelphia Police Capt. Sekou Kinebrew told 3 CBS Philly;

“We certainly understand that people have needs. That’s just not the way to go about fulfilling those needs,”

“There may be some specialized services for this individual and his family that he could be in need of, too. Unfortunately, the only way at this point he may be able to get them, is if he comes in and sees us,” Kinebrew added.