Nigerian Reacts As Reverend Sister Abandons Celibacy For Marriage

In a viral photo shared on the Internet, a lady once identified as a Catholic reverend sister was seen in her pre-wedding photos with her police officer husband.

Sharing the photos on Facebook, many Nigerians have expressed their love and courage for her decision.

It was gathered that the lady dropped her vows over the love she had for a police officer.

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In another picture, she was seen clad in her habit when she was still a Reverend Sister sworn to the oath of chastity.

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Catholic Reverend Sister
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Catholic Reverend Sister
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  1. This topic sounds interesting and I would like to contribute to the discussion for the purpose of respecting her for making such a bold decision in her life. She didn’t abandon celibacy to get married as being stated in the caption. She only rediscovered her true calling.

    Before I go down let me define the term SACRAMENT – It’s an outward sign of inward grace.(Meaning: whenever any of the sacraments is being administered or received it is seen with the eyes but its effect is felt within).
    The Catholic church has 7 sacraments. They play an integral role in the life of the church.

    They are divided into three main parts: namely:
    (1) Sacrament of Initiation(Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation).

    (2) Sacrament of Healing(Reconciliation and Penance and Anointing of the Sick)

    (3) Sacrament of Service(Holy Matrimony and Holy Orders-Priests, Reverend Brothers and Sisters)

    It’s not automatic that anyone who decides to go through a religious or priestly formation will become a priest, Reverend brother or sister.
    The seminary or formation centre is a place where people rediscover their true calling. No one can force an individual to embrace that calling…neither can someone force an individual to pursue the calling when you realize that you can serve God well as a married man or woman. Holy Matrimony and Holy Orders cannot be conferred on individuals without their consent or approval. As a Catholic you can receive either Holy Matrimony or Holy Orders.

    Matthew 19:12-(Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition)

    12 For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. “He who is able to receive this, let him receive it.”

    There is no shame in changing one’s direction, strategy or purpose in life. Life is all about finding happiness and fulfilment in whatever you intend to do or are doing.

    We keep changing with time in terms of our aspirations and dreams. The dreams we use to hold onto when we were growing up are different from what we are pursuing today. Change is phenomenal in the life of man.

    Along the line we do change programme of study, school, environment of abode or locality, residence etc. The formative years and the processe one go through is not different from the normal “dating or courtship we do know”.

    Dating or courtship is not marriage. Dating someone is not a guarantee that you will get married to that man or woman in the near future. You can go your separate ways anytime and under any circumstances. The same principle applies to those who are in the seminary or formation house(s).

    Being in the seminary or formation house doesn’t mean one will AUTOMATICALLY become a priest, brother or sister. You are at liberty to discontinue the formative journey and face life elsewhere when you deem it right.

    Serving God is not restricted or reserved for priests, brothers and sisters but everyone in your own small way. We are all called to witness to the love of God in our marriage life, various profession, the positions and titles we hold in the family, church, community, workplace and in the country.

    The church regards Holy Orders and marriage as gifts. We all can attest to the fact that “at a point in time we decide who to give our gift to. The same thing applies to God. God will never give us a gift we do not need something we cannot handle. Accepting the gift of God comes with a sense of responsibility. Just as those in the marriage life are striving to meet the daily demands of marriage so the priests, brothers and sisters are also striving to respond to their call to witness to the love of God. There are countless scandals evolving day-in and day-out with respect to marriage and divorce issues but people are still. but it doesn’t take away their desire or willingness to embrace marriage life married life or Holy Orders just as the priesthood. Young men and women are still responding to both calls.

    Scandals may arise in the church and the family(marriage) or the power and supremacy of God or to render the call to witness as a Priest, brother or Sister, Husband or Wife ineffective or dysfunctional.