What Are The Biggest Casino Brands In Nigeria For Online Roulette?

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that online gambling was completely banned in Nigeria. Like most nations, however, there’s a loophole in the legislation that enables players to engage in offshore gambling online, creating a scenario where they can wager with operators based overseas.

This creates ample opportunity for players to enjoy popular table games such as roulette, whilst you’ll notice that the very best and most reputable sites have been comprehensively reviewed by roulettesites.org/nigeria/.

In this article, we’ll explore gambling in Nigeria and online roulette in further detail, whilst listing the best three sites for playing this popular table game.

iGaming in Nigeria – An Overview

It’s interesting to note that Nigeria has become a hotbed of iGaming activity of late, thanks largely to rising demand, the popularity of mobile gaming and the aforementioned legislative loophole.

This is borne out by the figures, which suggest that Nigerians wager an average amount of €22.58 per four week period (despite the average monthly salary being capped at around €242.

As a result of this, an overseas betting company in Nigeria can earn an impressive 20 million Nigerian Naira each and every month, creating a nifty revenue stream for the world’s leading multinational operators.

The market for sports betting is also popular in Nigeria, thanks to the underlying popularity of boxing, UFC and football (with England’s Premier League particularly widely watched).

What is Roulette – And Where Can I Play Online?

There’s no doubt that table games like roulette remain inherently popular in Nigeria, with the European and French iterations of the game more widely played than the American alternative.

The main reason for this is simple; as both European and French roulette iterations boasts a competitive house edge of 2.7%. Conversely, the U.S. version has a house edge of 5.2%, creating a scenario where the return-to-player (RTP) rate is considerably lower.

In simple terms, an online game of roulette starts when a player places bets, before an interactive croupier throws a ball onto a spinning wheel. Once all bets are laid the wheel spins to a standstill, the result is announced and successful players will have their accounts credited to the correct amount.

In terms of betting, you can place either ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ wagers, with the former placed directly on one or more numbers. The best example of this is the straight up bet, which offers potentially big wins at odds of 37:1 during the European version.

Outside bets refers to wagers that are placed on specific positions that offer odds of 1:1, including high-low, odd-even or red-black. This type of wager also includes column bets which cover a third of the board and pay out at 2:1, although if the ball lands in the zero groove the wager will be declared void.

Results are determined using random number generator (RNG) software, creating transparent and fair outcomes that are almost impossible to manipulate.

You can also deploy various negative and progressive betting strategies when playing roulette, which require you to increase the value of your stake with every loss or win respectively.

Learning these can help you to manage your bankroll more effectively over time, boosting your RTP rate during a typical gaming session.

OK, we hear you ask, but where can you play online roulette as a Nigerian? Here are three of the best possible sites:

1. 888 Casino

We start with the 888 Casino, which operates in a number of countries across the globe and offers a number of immersive roulette iterations.

These include standard iterations of European, French and American Roulette, whilst there are also high-stakes version of each game (enabling players to pursue considerably larger cash prizes).

The brand’s live casino platform offers similar (but real-time) roulette iterations, including the fast-paced ‘Live Auto’ title.

You can also play Live Lightning Roulette, which has been designed and developed by the award winning software house Evolution Gaming. This game combines standard gameplay with ‘Lucky Numbers’ and ‘Lucky Payouts’, whilst the electrifying interface also adds a unique and thrilling dimension to the overall playing experience.

2. Betway

Next up is Betway, which is another international name that players from across the globe will be familiar with.

This platform features a similar range of titles to those provided by 888 Casino, although the live casino also includes the popular Multi Wheel Roulette.

Based on the French iteration of the game, this increases your chances of winning whilst introducing a number of player-centric rules, so it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Now’s also the ideal time to play roulette through the casino’s live platform, which is powered by the exceptional Evolution Gaming.

This is because the operator is offering Nigerian players a welcome bonus up to the value of €200, with this promotion bound by wagering requirements of up to 40-times the total value of the offer.

3. Jackpot City

We close with Jackpot City, which is home to various roulette iterations and is currently offering a welcome bonus worth a staggering €1,600 to players.

Sure, this offer requires you to play through 50-times the value of the bonus before you can make a withdrawal, but the risk-reward ratio here is certainly alluring to players.

Jackpot City also boasts a diverse range of standard and live roulette titles, the majority of which are based on the popular European and French iterations.

If you’re a high stakes players, you’ll definitely be attracted by the European Roulette Gold and Premier Diamond Edition games, whilst Microgaming’s Sapphire Roulette offers an undeniably classic iteration of the game.

With both slow and fast-paced roulette iterations available, there’s something to suit players regardless of their outlook, budget or previous experience.