6 Types Of Poker Players And How To Win Against Them

When you’re playing poker for fun on a poker site, you might not need to pay too much attention to the type of opponents seated across your table or on the other side of your screen. But when it comes to winning money in an omiqq poker online game, understanding the type of players in front of you is just as crucial as any strategy you might be planning to use. 

6 Types Of Poker Players And How To Win Against Them

Poker, as we all know it, is as much a psychological game as it is a strategic one. So understanding the man on the other side of the game, even before any hand is played, can make a world of difference in how you attack your opponent.

But, of course, many poker players don’t attach too much importance to this. As a result, many of them lose more money than they earn.

However, the time for adjustments is now. 

Find out below the different poker players that are there and use the knowledge to predict and beat your next opponents.


Everywhere you go in life; you’re always bound to find newbies. And poker is no exception. Newbie poker players are those players that are new in the world of poker. They have little to no experience, constantly overzealous about any money they wager, and always eager to try out the next best strategy. 

But you shouldn’t underestimate them either! Although inexperienced, many of them take their time to study and understand the rules and tricks of the game. So in order to beat them, you might need to tread with caution. Build the pressure and pile it on them. More often than not, many of them crumble under pressure due to their lack of experience, playing the wrong hand, and forcing moves.


More like an advanced newbie, a rock player is a type of poker player that hardly ever plays a hand. They sit across the table, waiting patiently for the best hands in order to bet. It doesn’t matter how much you call their bluff; they won’t budge. Instead, they might just be seated there for hours, waiting for that perfect hand.

But, of course, playing against this type of player is not so difficult. Once you identify them through their playing style and behavior at the table or online, you just need to wait for them to make that move. Whenever they play, it is always because they think they have that perfect hand. So, in order to beat them at their game, you just need to make sure that you have a decent hand with you at all times. 


Oh, noobs, my noobs, always the architect of their own downfall! Noobs are the best types of opponents everyone prays for. They are always full of themselves, constantly bragging about their hands and abilities, and never willing to learn from others. They usually think they’re the best in the game and never believe that anyone is better than them.

To win against this type of player, you just need to trick them and call their bluff more often. Give them the impression that they have the perfect hand and fool them into playing it. Once they do, you’ll be waiting to counter it with your own superior hand. To trick them, you can give the sob face, show signs of budging, or give some reactions that indicate you’re in a bad position. 

The calling station

These are the players that usually play most of the hands and are willing to look at the flop to decide further. They usually fold when someone raises from the Big blind. So, identifying these types of players is not rocket science. 

However, playing against them is pretty difficult because common strategies like bluffing don’t even work against them. The only way you can beat them is to force them into folding. With strong hands, you must bet more than the Big blind and try to make them fold. However, if they don’t fold their hand, then you should fold yours and wait for the next round. 


If rocks are called advanced newbies, then Nits should be called an upgrade on rock players. Unlike a rock player, a Nit is even more choosy when it comes to playing a hand. And almost every time, they usually have the perfect hand.

Before you play against them, always make sure you have one of the best hands. Otherwise, you should just fold your hands because if you raise your hand thinking you have the best hand and the Nit does, then you’re going to be in for a big surprise.


These are the players that do the most talking at the game. They are the type of players that play hands and enter the flop, thinking, “why did I even play that hand.” They can be very aggressive and rash in their decisions and might even try to trick you into believing they have the best hands.

To win against them, always trust your instincts. Once you identify them through their talkative nature, you just need to accept their bluff and dare them. Many a time, they’re just bluffing and don’t really have the hands they claim they have.