Ficool Offers 300,000 Free Books To Africans During Covid-19 Lockdown

Ficool Offers 300,000 Free Books To Africans During Covid-19 Lockdown

With efforts ongoing to curb the spread of COVID-19 globally, international health agencies and governments are putting plans in place to keep citizens safe. One of such efforts is the total or partial lockdown of borders and suspension of some economic activities. These efforts come with effects that are felt by everyone. 

To cushion the effects of COVID-19 on economic and social life, the premier E-reading platform, Ficool has announced the Ficool Free Reading Campaign to help Africa in fighting COVID-19 with access to good books. Ficool offers access to 300,000 titles in different categories and formats to Africans free of charge during this campaign which started in March.  

The titles on the platform spread over 20 genres which include romance, mystery, history, video games and magical realism which are available at no cost to help Africans put this moment to good use. Enjoy books by just clicking here: for more details.

Ficool is dedicated to push the continent’s reading culture one step further into beneficial contributions and progression. The CEO of Ficool, Sandra Chen says. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic is one ugly enemy being fought by the world to restore the norm and sanity. Even as the world makes deliberate efforts in this regard,  Ficool helps to keep Africans positively engaged”

We are targeting everyone who enjoys reading, just as we encourage those that are not so connected to reading to embrace it and build some interest. We have committed some investments to this, because our goal is to deliver as well as we can.” 

By providing access to fun and soothing entertainment with books, Ficool is connecting Africans to pleasant moments in the midst of what is happening whilst offering relief all the way. The campaign also equips Africans with motivation for the current reality, suggesting that this will pass too. With Ficool offering this form of support, everyone gets to grow and pursue self-development despite the challenges. 

To enjoy full access to all of the titles on offer, simply download Ficool on Google Play, or visit Ficool social media pages (@Ficoolapp on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for more details on accessing the platform and having some entertaining and insightful experience. Don’t enjoy this offer alone. Share with your family and friends so everyone gets to have fun and win through the lockdown. And remember to stay home and stay safe.  

Established by Transsion Holdings Group and China Literature, Ficool is a pioneer of the online literature market in Africa. Ficool was launched in all African countries in June 2019.