NCDC Isssues Guidelines On Use Of Face Masks

The Nigeria center for disease control has issued guidelines to Nigerians with regards to the wearing of face mask as a preventive measure against the novel coronavirus.

This was released in a new statement on the official Twitter handle of the agency where prospective mask users have been advised to ensure proper handling of the protective item.

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“NCDC has issued an advisory guiding Nigerians on the use of face masks

“Recognising the need for guidance on #COVID19 prevention, we remain committed to keeping citizens informed on verified ways to stay safe

“NCDC recommends that masks are worn:

“1. As an optional added layer of physical distancing while in crowded settings eg. markets

“2. By the elderly with preexisting medical conditions eg. diabetes

“3. In combination with social distancing, hand washing & cleaning surfaces

“It is critical to ensure proper handling of masks. Improper disposal & frequent touching can increase risk of infection with the #COVID19 virus.

“Please note, medical masks are best reserved for patients & healthcare workers who need them most.

“Due to the global shortage of medical masks, please make use of improvised options such as cloth masks.

“Improvised masks can be used as long as they are properly washed regularly. They can be made out of cloth or other materials.