Only Broke People Are Impressed By Your Designers – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

Nigerian author Reno Omokri has penned a list of rules money obeys and works with.

According to Reno, those who need help in standing on their feet should know their helpers do not care about wearing designer items.

He continued adding that as one grows older, not having money makes them colder.

In his words;

Basic Rules of Money‬ * ‪Money follows SEED, not NEED‬
* ‪Spend debt on investment, not consumption‬
* ‪It is broke people who are impressed by your designers. Those who can help you are not‬
* ‪As you grow older, having money makes you bolder‬
* ‪As you grow older, not having money makes you colder‬
* ‪Age gives you white hair, but sadly, it is money that gives you respect in this wicked world ‬
* ‪Never keep up with your neighbour. You will spend your capital trying to impress people who are not capital‬
* ‪If you must save, save to invest. Savings depreciate over time ‬‬”