Actress Lota Chukwu Calls Out Twitter Doctors Over Communication Skills

Lota Chukwu
Lota Chukwu

Nigerian actress Lota Chukwu has put Twitter doctors in their place following a tweet from one of them on social media platforms.

Aproko Doctor had tweeted on the side effect of eating too much salt, a tweet that Lota Chukwu did not find appealing due to the tone it was conveyed in.

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”You add salt to white rice Add it to everything You use all the seasoning in your noodles pack Even add salt to dodo before you fry Continue. I hope you know that excess salt can lead to hypertension and Africans are more at risk? Better save money for new kidneys and heart”

Lota replied saying;

”I honestly would like to know why you Drs on the TL use this tone tbh. And the last line, is it necessary?”


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